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Urban vs. Suburban: Where are the Majority of Homes Being Purchased?

The age-old debate of urban versus suburban living has been rekindled in the backdrop of the 2022-2023 property market. As city centers buzz with activity and suburban areas offer tranquil escapes, buyers are faced with a pivotal question: Where to set down roots? As we embark on this comparative analysis, we aim to discern the spaces that resonate most with buyers, be it the bustling heartbeats of cities or the serene rhythms of the suburbs.

Urban Allure: The City's Siren Call

City centers, with their vibrant energy, plethora of amenities, and promise of cosmopolitan living, have always had a magnetic pull. The urban allure is multifaceted, drawing in those who seek proximity to workspaces, cultural hubs, and the ever-present hum of city life.

Suburban Serenity: The Quiet Appeal

In contrast, suburban areas offer a different kind of charm. Spacious homes, quieter neighborhoods, and the promise of green spaces make the suburbs a haven for many. The appeal here lies in a balanced lifestyle, blending modern amenities with a touch of nature.

The Numbers Speak: Urban vs. Suburban Sales

To truly understand buyer preferences, it's imperative to delve into the data. Property sales figures offer a clear indicator of where the majority of homes are being purchased, revealing the balance (or imbalance) between urban and suburban choices.


The urban versus suburban debate isn't just about geography; it's about lifestyles, aspirations, and the kind of environment buyers envision for themselves. By analyzing property sales in these contrasting spaces, we gain valuable insights into the shifting sands of buyer preferences, understanding the spaces that truly resonate with them in 2022-2023.