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The £406K Question: What Kind of Property Does it Buy You in 2023?

The UK's property market in 2023 has painted a vivid picture of evolving aspirations, dynamic trends, and the undeniable impact of economic factors. As the year unfolds, a number, £406,296, stands out, representing the average property price. But the £406K question that looms large is - What kind of home does this buy you? As we navigate through this query, we aim to shed light on the type of properties that buyers are securing for their hard-earned money.

Price and Property: The Intricate Dance

It's tempting to assume that a higher price tag guarantees a larger or more luxurious property. However, the dance between price and property type is intricate, influenced by location, amenities, age of the property, and more.

The £406K Landscape: Property Types in Focus

For the average price of £406,296, buyers in 2023 have shown preferences towards certain property types. Whether it's the communal allure of terraced homes or the expansive promise of detached ones, the choices reflect both the market's offerings and buyer aspirations.

Beyond the Type: Other Influencing Factors

While property type plays a crucial role, other factors also influence what £406K can secure. The locality, proximity to amenities, the age of the property (new build vs. older), and tenure (freehold vs. leasehold) all come into play, painting a multifaceted picture of the 2023 property landscape.


The £406K question offers more than just a numerical answer. It provides insights into the pulse of the market, the preferences of buyers, and the evolving landscape of UK real estate. By understanding what kind of property this average price secures, we gain a deeper appreciation of the market's dynamics, the aspirations of homeowners, and the tangible manifestations of their dreams.