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New Builds Dominate the Market with Over 940K Sales

The landscape of the UK's housing market has seen a shift, a noteworthy one at that. As we delve into the recent data, one trend stands out starkly: the dominance of new builds. With a staggering 942,505 sales in just two years, new builds have not only marked their territory but have overshadowed older property sales.

The Allure of New Builds

What makes new builds the preferred choice for so many? These properties, fresh off the construction line, offer modern designs, energy efficiency, and often come with the latest amenities. But it's not just the shine of the new that's enticing buyers. New builds represent a blank canvas, a space that homeowners can truly make their own from the get-go.

940K and Counting: Breaking Down the Numbers

The number 942,505 isn't just impressive; it's indicative of a market trend. While older properties have their charm and history, the sales figures clearly tilt in favor of new builds. This dominance in the market isn't a mere blip but a testament to changing buyer preferences and the appeal of modern homes.

New Builds vs. The Rest

In a market teeming with options, the dominance of new builds becomes even more pronounced when compared to older property sales. The gap isn't marginal; it's substantial. This shift towards new properties underscores a broader trend in the housing market, where buyers are leaning towards the future rather than the past.

Beyond the Sales: The Impact on the Real Estate Sector

The surge in new build sales has repercussions beyond just numbers. It's driving construction companies to innovate, pushing architects to design with modern sensibilities, and nudging the real estate sector towards a more sustainable future.


As we wrap up our deep dive into the last two years of housing data, one fact remains unchallenged: new builds dominate the market. With over 940K sales, they've set a benchmark, echoing the desires and aspirations of modern homeowners.